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The not really, but kind of beautiful consequences of a teenage drug dealer(w/audio)

I was 16 when I got arrested and did time for carrying an eight ball of crack cocaine. Yes…..,me, Denisse. I was a drug dealer. The subsequent sections of this post will emphasize my experiences with the training school, the criminal system, the Department of Children Youth and Families, the Irie Transitional Program, and anotherContinue reading “The not really, but kind of beautiful consequences of a teenage drug dealer(w/audio)”


Wonder what’s on your mindI can never read youYet the mysteryMakes me feel I need youDespite your complexitiesI want to stay with youYou take me to ecstasyWith everything you doYou may hurt my heartBut I love the painIf that makes me crazyI’m happily insaneYou puzzle up my brainYet your still the manI love for allContinue reading “COMPLEXITIES”


Pregnant at fourteen years old, a mother at fifteen. Still today at twenty-seven years old, when someone that doesn’t know me finds out that I have daughters, they always ask their age and then they stay silent for a few seconds. I already know what they are thinking. Like damn, why does it matter toContinue reading “IF I DIE TODAY”

Denisse Perez

A raw writer who blogs and writes poems about her personal experiences. A 28 year old single mother of 2, a full time health care worker, and a full time BSN nursing student. Puerto Rican and Guatemalan ethnicity, born and living in the U.S.A.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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