Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)

*FOR ADULTS ONLY* SEXUAL SCORPIO Show me how deep you can go And feel my water overflow Know I’m a sexual Scorpio Can be your wife also your hoe She’s a freak but I’m freakier Make me scream, I’m a screamer Make it hurt, no reliever Go head love, go in deeper Hope you canContinue reading “Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)”

You’re such a case: Poem (w/ audio)

YOU’RE SUCH A CASE You don’t deserve me but yet It’s you I can’t forget My heart is pure I don’t regret Although my love you do neglect Loving you, I don’t discreet Although to you I’m just a fleet Although you hurt me, leave me beat Without your touch I’m incomplete No matter whatContinue reading “You’re such a case: Poem (w/ audio)”

Went looking through our photo album: Poem (w/audio)

Went looking through our photo album Worst thing I could have done All this time I’ve had composure Right now seems I have none One look is all it took, I couldn’t stop I tried to file a mental objection Thought I was over him, now I forgot Overpowered , no way I could rejectContinue reading “Went looking through our photo album: Poem (w/audio)”


TO ALL DAD’S– yes, you reading, you too. ALL DAD’S MUST READ.  YES, YOU ALSO, KEEP READING. The old me would have said, “To all the real dad’s”, but not anymore. That was the immature me. You are, all real dad’s. I’ve grown and realized that no matter what, we have to keep pushing. WeContinue reading “FROM A “BABYMAMMA”, DADDY”S LITTLE GIRL, and A MOTHER. (ALL dad’s please read)”