In My Feelings: Poem

I’m in my feelings, love

Some peace I aim to find

I’m in a maze, I’m lost, my love

I thought in you, I could confine

I do not understand, my love

Do you want me , or do you not ?

You were just here the other day, my love

Do you remember, or you forgot ?

I felt you kiss me goodbye , my love

For a multiple amount of times

You almost couldn’t let go , my love

Or have I lost my mind ?

It’s been a while now , my love

I really need to know

Do you not want me in your life, my love?

Are we just “going by the flow” ?

Because if so, my love

I need your consistency

And if your good, my love

Then I’m your deficiency

I’m really trying, love

I’m working very hard

Sometimes I fear your careless, love

I fear you don’t notice me, at all

You know it hurts a lot, my love?

Not understanding you

I’m being patient , yes my love

But you leave me black and blue

But I don’t care, don’t let me go, my love

I just really want to stay

I thought you felt the same, my love

That’s what you said, the other day

I really just don’t get it, love

Just stop playing all these games

This love takes all my energy

I’ll never be the same

You’re just so hard to love, oh love

What’s stopping you from being mine ?

I may not be the ideal woman

But I promise you that I’ll try

Your worth it all, my love

And please don’t ask me why

Just know that you have changed me, love

In a way I can’t describe

That’s how I know it’s you, my love

Even if, you will not see it

But if your really done, my love

I know now, that your deceiving

Before I go, my love

A few more words of passion

Before you go, my love

A little more confession

Your loving makes me glow, my love

What can’t you understand ?

Only you can make my body crumble

Only you , no other man

If I’m just a goodnight out , my love

Then tell me, why are you still here ?

And if you want to go, my love

Then why are you still near ?

If your unsure, my love

There’s something I must say

Time is clicking, love

I can’t promise that I’ll stay

No matter what, just know, my love

Your my heart in human form

An orgasm without sex , my love

My sunshine through the storm

I’m just afraid to lose you, love

Afraid to not see your face

Afraid for you to move on, my love

Afraid that I’ll be erased

I’m afraid I’ll be replaced, my love

You see that’s a shame, for you

You’ll never understand, my love

How strongly my heart feels, I do

I apologize if it’s too much

If I’m being too possessive

If only you could see , my love

See , from my perspective

Maybe then you’d understand, my love

Why I’m still holding on

Maybe then you’d try a little harder , love

Maybe then we’ll carry on

This love has me going crazy, love

Some times I don’t know what to do

My heart wants to stay forever

But my mind’s almost done with you

I guess these are our toughest moments, love

Our most defining ones

If love simply can’t resist us

Then our love has just begun…..

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