20 Minute Freestyle Heartbreak Poem

Can you get out of my head ?

I feel like I’m being haunted

I’m all drained out , just please get out

Loving you has become so exhausting

Why can’t you just let me be ?

Get the thought of your hands off my body

Stop taking my mornings from me it’s not fair

My good nights you’ve already took from me

If this isn’t love than what is it ?

Why does it burn me inside ?

This discomfort’s not letting me live

I play happy, I wear a disguise

I used to get excited

You were my light , I’d be lighted

But now I lay in the dark and in despair

Not the type to be controlled , said I would never fold

But you linger in the air, the thought of you is everywhere

I’m losing my mind

I bet you’re doing just fine

You’re a beautiful human knife

Cut me off like I’m nothing

Reintroduced me to suffering

Did I make that easy to walk in and out of my life ?

Played with your hair

Then we’d make love

I’d yell you things in Spanish

I don’t want to remember

I want to forget

I want you to vanish

I hate to admit it

But I got a problem

I’m addicted to shit that’s bad for me

Like a junkie I’m needing

Hit my low now I’m feening

For a high off your love this can’t be

Can’t believe you control me

Even when you ignore me

Took a lung now you won’t let me breathe

My inhaler I need it

For I need some relieving

You’ve infected me

You’re a disease

I’d never want to see you unhappy

I’d never want to see you cry

I thought you’d want the same for me ?

You didn’t have to be so senseless

Could’ve been a bit more gentle

I never asked for your malignity

Could’ve told me you were leaving

Made me feel worthless , left me grieving

The way you left and took away my dignity

The truth hurts but I prefer it

Break my heart but don’t destroy it

Left me forever

You disappeared so silently

Looked in the mirror plenty of times

Wondering what’s wrong with me

Crying, wishing I was good enough for you

The way you left so abruptly

No explanation, no warning

Lead me off , like you led me on

Is all you had to do

Instead you chose to ghost me

How evil of you

Don’t you know what that does to you mentality?

It fucked me all up

Made me feel so unworthy

A little respect,

You could have had for me

All that was before

I’m way better today

I eventually figured you out

I know why you couldn’t find the balls to face me

I now know, why you couldn’t talk it out

Truth is, your not worthy

Of my love, nor my respect

You’re not who they all think you are

You’re still a child

You’re still lost

Young mentality

And I’m a boss

You can’t sit with me

Lucky I let it get this far

You treat women like they’re accessories

Your not a man who takes care of his responsibilities

You take hearts

but can’t take accountability

Is this really who you are ?

Not even our friendship you could value

Is this really how you want to be remembered?

You walk around with so much pride

But now I know your a disguise

You almost had me

Nice try

Real clever

This is the brand you’ve built yourself

How you treat me is how you treat others

But that’s on you my almost lover

I wish you well

I hope you recover

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