GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)

*Warning* DEEP. Written by me. Wrote this poem, on spot, during a mental break down! Good self-therapy session. Like all of my poems, and posts, I start off strong, raw, broken, confused, crying, hurt, lost, but towards the end, I feel better. Towards the end, I’m more positive, and uplifted, even if I didn’t get all the way there yet! It helps by releasing, and motivating ! I’m a self-motivator, if ya’ll haven’t noticed yet 🙂 But if you read this one, please read and listen to CLARITY. That is the healed effect of this self-destruction. There is nothing wrong with who we are ! It’s okay not to be okay, and to cry, and to feel! Everyone’s bruising, and that only mean’s we got a good heart!

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