My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)

I’ve become obsessed with writing, with writing poems… and I’ve noticed it’s much easier to write them out , rather than typing them.. when I type , I start feeling like I’m writing a paper for school and I find myself trying to find what fits , but when I use pencil and paper , when I write from the heart, along with any tears , or joy, … it flows right out of me . I can’t even stop. That’s why it’ll be fast and sloppy, and tears on the paper. But it’s real, I keep it real. And I struggle , but notice that in the end, I lift my head. Why? Because I’m strong. Because you’re strong. Because the devil knocks on our doors , anxiety pulls our hair , and depression manipulates us into thinking we can’t cry because if we do then that means somethings wrong with us, but no. There’s nothing wrong with who you are , and it’s okay to cry. I personally think people should cry more. Instead of holding everything in. Everyone’s bruising, and I know that. You don’t have to tell me. But whenever you’re feeling your lowest, see that I too, hang by a thread , but ultimately, I prevail. I don’t need anyone to tell me how special and able I am. I’m able to manifest all I desire in my life , with simply my thoughts and heart. The bad will never out shine the good. 😉

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