CLARITY: Poem (w/voice recording)

Hey Guys! I wrote this poem with a certain flow, and I wanted you guys to follow along with it, so I recorded myself reading it. This is one of my favorite ones! Thank you so much in advance for reading, for listening, and for being here ! Love us all ! 🙂 PS. I plan on including a recording for all of my other poems, as well. Obviously listen by choice, 🙂



What a beautiful morning it is, 

I’m grateful, for the air, that I breathe, 

Today I wake up, with much, prosperity,

Embracing, all of my, clarity 

My angel, came by, as promised, 

And she healed me, so instantly 

She said, “Lift your head up, and go get out there,

Go be, all that you, can be”

It tore her apart, to hear me speak, 

With such, a low self-esteem 

Told her, “I have issues“, 

And she said, “nothing, NOTHING, is wrong, with me,” 

She said, “Darling of mine, it hurts me,

that you believe, that you’re so, dysfunctional, 

Every wound , every scar , every inch of who you are, your the specialist girl, that I know, 

Your the prettiest mermaid, in the sea,

 you got a heart that’s made purely, out of gold, 

And you know, all that you know, not the average, oh no!, You’re so intelligent, my darling, please believe, 

Please open, your pretty eyes up, for me

Don’t let the devils distort, your thinking

You have been put on this world, to be more than you think, promise this isn’t, the average story, 

You’re ambitious and strong, more than the regular ones, please clear your mind of those lies, and stay away from foolish guys, 

And remember, that your in charge now, not thee

Don’t you ever go chasing, a fool,

Don’t you ever get used, like a tool,

If they want you, they gotta work, about 10 times the amount, for you’re a hidden gold box of jewelry..

All the blessings you have, my beauty, 

And the ones that are still on their way

Oh honey , just wait, and you’ll see..

That you’re a beautiful rainbow, don’t need NO ONE, to say so

You’ll learn soon, all that you’re destined, to be.”

Thank you my angel, for saving me, 

From these demons, and their evil, tendencies, 

For they can’t hurt me no more, I’m done fighting this war, I’ll never go back, to a peasant , Or the dark, Or depression, 

Today, I know for sure, that I’m a queen …

Written on June 20th, at 4:58 am 🙂

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