TO ALL DAD’S– yes, you reading, you too.



The old me would have said, “To all the real dad’s”, but not anymore. That was the immature me. You are, all real dad’s.

I’ve grown and realized that no matter what, we have to keep pushing. We have to keep pushing each other to do better, to be better, because we all have it in us, and a healthy way to do that, is to be here for each other.

Before I continue, know that one thing I can say that I didn’t go without, is a father’s love. My father literally holds my heart. If something ever happened to him, I’d immediately collapse. I love him like I love my children. My father not only gave me life, but he preserved it. He literally lives, for me, and the rest of my siblings. Again, he is alive, but he lives, for us. He continues to work hard, to support us, advice us, believe in us, care for us, buy us chocolates and teddy bears, hug and kiss us, no matter the age, no matter what we do. We give him reason to keep pushing, to keep caring for himself, and to keep living. He love’s and is grateful for his life, despite what he does or doesn’t have, because of us. My father raised me, and still till this day, I’ve yet to find a father like him. He is literally a walking gift. I would not even share him with the world, because the world don’t deserve him.

So anyway, my point is, YOU ARE ALL NEEDED.

Just as much as mother’s are. I know sometimes it may feel like only moms get the credit, and honestly, people do think like that, but I’m a woman, and grown, and a mother, and a daughter, and mature enough to say, that you are needed, just as much, and sometimes even more! So if you’re already doing what you have to do, make sure you’re doing it with love and care, and know that you are appreciated, even if you are not told that, you are, and if you’re not, I’m not judging you, and I forgive you, but it isn’t about us forgiving you, is about you, forgiving, yourself. I know that insecurities, guilt, or low-self esteem, because you feel like you may not be able to provide, or be a good of enough father for your child/children, may interfere with you being, or returning to be in your child’s life, but don’t fear. They need you, and they will love and accept you, no matter how you rich, or poor, how handsome, or not you think you are, how educated, or non-educated, if you live near, or away, if they believe you don’t care about them, or think you’re horrible, or if they have a step dad or another father figure in their lives, you are irreplaceable, they need you. They want you. They are just as scared, and confused as you are, and they’ve picked up behavior’s that may seem like they are better off without you, or hate you, or don’t like, or care about you, but don’t be influenced off of it, remember, you brought them into this world, too. They behave like that, in order to deal, to cope, to hide, to be strong, as a defense mechanism, but they think of you. Don’t let us, baby mothers, discourage you from being in your child’s life, especially, we may not see eye to eye, we may call you names, and remind you everyday how much of a “dead beat “ you are, but what we really mean to say is that we need you. We are really crying for you’re presence, for you’re support, but you are needed. If they act like they don’t need you, or say they don’t, it’s true, they don’t, but you are not their father, it’s not they that need you, and they can not, speak for their child’s heart. You don’t need us to validate the type of father that you are, or to believe in the type of father you can be, we know, or at least I know, that you got it in you. You have a heart too, so you feel too, and I know you walk around in sorrow, feeling ashamed, and guilty, and you may seem like you’re living your life, but it’s because you are subsiding those feelings, and trying to feel. We may continue to be angry, and seem like we are never satisfied, but remember, it isn’t about us, it’s about them. I needed my dad, and he was here, regardless of my mother’s actions, behavior’s, or tendencies upon him. I needed him, and our bond was built immediately, as soon as I was able to recognize the world. My father was my first love, the first man to love me, the first man to be in love with me, and I embraced that so much, that I absorbed his traits, and because of him, I am the hardworking, loving, resilient, passionate, loving, determined, go-getting, sincere, humble, woman, and mother that I am today. I am crazy ambitious for a better life, off of the drive that I inherited, off my father’s love, and presence. Despite my trials, and tribulations, I continue to push, not only for myself, and my kids, but especially for him, because before he leaves me, I need him to see all that I can be, and will be, because of his loving power. My father.

So please, from a girl that know’s the value of a father’s love, and presence, please, think about it. Please, make that move. Please, lift your head up and don’t let anyone make you feel less of a man, because you are not. That amazing man that you are, is already in you. Find it, and expose it, and run with it. Run to you’re children, because they need you more than anything in the world, trust me, I know 😉

I will forever, proudly be, my daddy’s little girl.

Thank you for reading and know that if no one else cares, I do.

Oh, and–Happy Fathers Day 🙂

Please watch, to see how much you are needed, always.

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