My mother challenged me to come up with 10 commandments yesterday. She said she’ll give me a week. I only needed a night. 11 is a special number to me, so I came up with 11. I will read them every single night before bed, starting tonight.

1. I shall never say that I don’t like myself.

2. I shall never give up on my dreams, or give up dreaming at all.

3. I shall never spend time, on those that don’t give me their time.

4. I shall never forget how capable I am, in accomplishing my goals, no matter how difficult, and intimidating they may be.

5. I shall never wish bad upon anyone, regardless of who they are, regardless of what they’ve done.

6. I shall always remain humble, but aware that I am special.

7. I shall never stop believing, in the unbelievable, and in myself.

8. I shall always be kind.

9. I shall never have a low self-esteem, as a result of not being appreciated, struggles, difficulties, mistakes, or others opinions about me.

10. I shall never chase a man.

11. I shall never stop caring about myself.

I challenge you all, as well!

-D 💛

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