Feel I need you , I can’t lie

But the morals don’t apply

But I can’t fight what’s inside

I can’t get you off my mind

Thinking I should let you know

That it’s you I want to show

All the places we can go

It won’t hurt if they don’t know

Think of all that we can be

They don’t know what they can’t see

It’ll just be you and me

It’ll feel like ecstasy

We can keep it on the low

I can love you nice and slow

From the bed onto the floor

Lose my mind while I lose yours

Can’t resist, I need a taste

Everytime I see your face

Want to take you to a place

Where your body I’ll embrace

Wanna feel what’s in between

As I watch you watching me

It’ll be so magically

We could do it secretly

Really want to let you know

But afraid that you’ll say no

Run away with me, let’s go

Take my hand and I’ll take yours

Wanna love you endlessly

Want your body under me

Make a dream reality

I’ll fulfill your every need

I’m not scared to fall

For you I’ll risk it all

Feels right although it’s wrong

Temptations I can’t stall

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