Went looking through our photo album: Poem (w/audio)

Went looking through our photo album

Went looking through our photo album

Worst thing I could have done

All this time I’ve had composure

Right now seems I have none

One look is all it took, I couldn’t stop

I tried to file a mental objection

Thought I was over him, now I forgot

Overpowered , no way I could reject him

Suddenly felt my eyes overflowing

In tears, as I’m a helpless component

Heart quickly became so exhausted

It was too late, I got lost in the moment

I remembered how handsome you are

How you’d light up my view like a star

I remembered your hands and your touch

Body’s shaking as it reinstalls

All my feelings for you came right back

Stampede by our memories, attacked

I remembered your kisses and hugs

Tried to run from my mind, you’re a trap

I remembered me washing your hair

You’d stay still, so patience, and silent

I remembered how thankful you were

Every time, as I lie here now crying

I remembered your brown and soft arms

How’d you pick me up like it was nothing

You’re so beautiful , need you to know

Every part of you love, is so stunning

I remembered your voice in my ear

How’d you make sure that I knew you missed me

Heart pounding I’m drenching in tears

As I think of your hands on my body

I remembered our passionate sex

How you’d hold me and tell me I’m gorgeous

How’d you say it so gently and calm

Watching me like your favorite performance

I remembered our long conversations

So intelligent, you’re not like the rest

Your dreams, your thoughts, and your wisdom

Never failed to leave me impressed

I remembered our naps, I remembered our showers

How’d you lay naked after, All of you I’d devour

I remembered your face , As I’d crawl between your legs

You know what happened next, I know that, you won’t forget

I remembered that one time we smoked and got high

We don’t do that but we wanted to,

I remembered you laughed, I was drunk off of wine,

I was drunk in love with all of you

I remembered the day I was crying

Over a nursing exam that I failed

You came flying to me with your hugs

All my confidence you would prevail

I remember I said I was over you

I’m discovering now, it’s not true

Can’t believe this right now

How’d I even allow ..

Does your mind play around with you too?

I remember I meant it for real

But look at me now, here I am

In the dark all alone thinking of you

Undeniably missing you again

Still crying I guess, but it’s nothing

I’m always emotional

You ain’t shit, it was nothing but fucking

Running backs not negotiable

Forget everything that I just said

It meant nothing at all, I promise

I have plenty and plenty of options

Won’t fall for you or you’re corruptions

I don’t know why I still hold our pictures

There so evil I need to delete them

They took over my mind, no permission

Makes me feel like I’m needing to see him

Like I wanna run back ,man this shit is so wac

Its all mind games, my heart don’t feel no more

Well at least I’ll enact , all my tears I’ll hold back

I won’t do this to myself, man I swore

I have to stay strong ,He don’t want me no more

And I don’t want him neither

He’ll never be mine , I’ll never be his

I’m good on my own, I don’t need him

Deleting our album for good is a must

My feelings for him are unsteady

Next time though, not now, I know , but I can’t

Just tried and it seems I’m not ready..

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