I have so much to say

I’ve been stuck in my room all day

Need to release or it’ll be the last of me

Don’t let me suffocate I pray

Lord you know I’ve been trying to fight the evil inside

I fight but it continues to preserve me

I feel like I’m cursed and it’s weighing me down

It’s so heavy my lord, it’s so weakening

It shouldn’t be so hard to do the simplest things

I shouldn’t feel like there’s evil here with me

I’ve been talking to you , I know you can hear

Why haven’t you helped me break free

I keep having visions of nothing but darkness

I can’t walk without looking behind me

Please forgive me for my sins if that’s what it is

I’m being haunted, can’t solve this mystery

I’m struggling, I’m scared, please listen to me

Why won’t you help me prevail

This pressures too much , I’m pinned to the ground

Please tell me my lord, how’d I fail

Please take me away from all of this pain

Why won’t you help me understand

I’ve been surviving, my souls reviving

Please don’t let them take me there again

I’ve witnessed too much

but I’ve left it all behind

So why does everything seem fine,

Yet it continues to hurt inside

Somethings inside me

I feel it in my gut

This feelings way too much

Pulls me down as I stand up

It fucking me up

It won’t let me breathe

It won’t let me live

It won’t let me be

And why does it seem like it’s only me

No one else is crying out, they seem so happy

But how about me lord, I know that you love me

I know you’ve sent someone and told them to guide me

There not doing much though

I’m twisting inside

I can’t take it no more

I’ll close my eyes till it subsides

Even in the dark

I continue to shine

I know that I’m special

For I’m the moonlight

But they still don’t care

They laugh when I cry

No one cares about no one

So I act like I’m fine

They won’t understand anyway

They’re all consumed in the lies

I wish we could all lift each other

Someone’s hand I’ll hold on to and rise

Please force the bad spirits away from me

I’m pushing forward but they won’t let me be

I have no evil intentions but they’re pushing me

I shouldn’t hate my own world but they hate me

Will I survive long enough to make all my dreams come true

Or are they all just fantasies

Is someone playing with me,

Decieving beliefs in my mind

Why do I continue to shed so many tears for the unkind

Why do I worry about them when they don’t even see me

They’re cut but I bleed

They wanna force me to my cemetery

I’m sick of hiding in my room my hearts becoming tainted

Yesterday as I drove , I had a breakdown , nearly fainted

I almost crashed and no one knew that the world almost lost me

But would they even give a fuck , seems like this world don’t need me

I’ve given up on them all, keep everyone away

I’ve turned to the OG’s and the legendaries

Especially 2pac , know he’s always with me

He seems to be the only one that supports and understands me

He’s on my side , he protects me and guides me

He sends me messages , and lays by my side

His music flows through me like magic

My lonely feeling momentarily dies

He said it’s us against the world

He said they’re all fake

He thinks it’s a shame how they get praised

While all the real get shamed

He said to keep my head up

And to handle it

He won’t let me go like him

Fuck the fame he says

I don’t need their attention

He likes me simple, and sincere

He said don’t be fooled by these crooks

That I’m in Gods hands, not theirs

He said they’re jealous

There’s so much evil in disguise

He told me not to worry

For I’m a queen in real life

He said whoever can’t learn how to love me

To leave them because I don’t need them

He lifts my spirit with his words

That’s why he’s my favorite poet

He said I possess real courage

The one needed to overcome this insanity

All the angels look over me he promised

They’ve built a powerful wall over me

He told me stay pure, that I’m protected

The day I’m gone, I’ll be remembered as a legend

It’s not my time yet though he said

For I got a successful long life ahead

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