Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)



Show me how deep you can go

And feel my water overflow

Know I’m a sexual Scorpio

Can be your wife also your hoe

She’s a freak but I’m freakier

Make me scream, I’m a screamer

Make it hurt, no reliever

Go head love, go in deeper

Hope you can swim I’m a sea

Make your way in , you’re the key

Sex game too good to believe

My pussy game so elite

Come body me , catch a case

Let’s make a mess, leave no trace

Get sloppy with it, in my face

Immortal, shoot, I stay in place

Leave your girl right at home

When you’re with me turn off your phone

I’ll fuck you, stop, and give you dome

Get right back to it, you’re a throne

For I’m a queen, it’s my place

I’ll sit on you, and your face

You’ll fall in love with how I taste

Don’t want to hear you want a break

An animal, I’ll scratch your back

Enter my pussy habitat

I want to feel it, wear no hat

Break down my walls, go head attack

Let’s go a few more rounds

Shit I’m down if you’re down

Go hunting, now you’re my hound

Your best discovery every found

My ass, make sure you smack

And I’ll make sure to make it clap

You pull my hair, I throw it back

I ain’t done yet, that’s just a snack

You’re tired now, said you’re sleepy

Under the covers, I’m sneaky

I’m nasty with it , I’m leaky

I said I’m hungry, you’re meaty

If you can’t take it, get out

My pussys never on a drought

Be a man, make me shout

Said you can handle me, I doubt

Cum all on your face

You’re in magical state

No strings attached, no save the date

Said he in love, I can’t relate

See, you fell for the bait

I don’t love em, don’t date

The situation, yeah you hate

Played your own game, I won, checkmate

For all the men up in my DMs

Don’t perpetuate any ideas

I’ll leave you chilling like Ikea

You’ll get ignored, yeah I’m a teaser

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