You’re such a case: Poem (w/ audio)

You’re such a case


You don’t deserve me but yet

It’s you I can’t forget

My heart is pure I don’t regret

Although my love you do neglect

Loving you, I don’t discreet

Although to you I’m just a fleet

Although you hurt me, leave me beat

Without your touch I’m incomplete

No matter what I give my all

Although you hurt like thunderbolt

Remain although you’re difficult

Forgive although you see no fault

If nothing last forever, I’ll be your nothing

Said I’m so done, but I stay fronting

You call me up, and I go running

Sick for your love, you got me bugging

Said I’d give up, but I lied

Lover girl, don’t even try

Adrenaline, I feel alive

A dangerous love, hope I survive

You break my heart and still I stay

I wait although you go away

Although my trust you do betray

My only love, I still portray

Us so happily

I stay with you, you stay with me

They love you long, can never be

My love for you, infinity

Although sometimes I feel I’m just a screw

I’m still persistent when it comes to you

Don’t want another , don’t want something new

I just want you, and forever, too

I know I sound like a complete fool

I care for you, although you’re so cruel

Won’t risk my heart, but for you I will

Although my love , you still ridicule

Nothing can keep me away, I tried

Nothing at all, not even your lies

I need some help, I’ve been hypnotized

It feels so good, although it kills inside

I’m so sick, I need help

Can’t let go , got me held

For your shit, yeah I fell

Say your name, yeah I yell

How do you live with yourself

My pain I wish that you felt

With knowing all that I’ve dealt

You know your love makes me melt

I go hard, I make you sweat

You let me play like a cassette

On and on I get so wet

Told you I’m yours and don’t forget

Why do you push me away

You know to them you’re just a game

You know it, yet you still won’t say

You’re lost my love, and I’m the way

I know you love me, left a trace

I can see it in your face

All of me you embrace

But then you’re gone, you’re such a case

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