A POEM FIT (w/audio)

Thought so highly of you, what a shame

Really fell for your lies and your game

Trust in you, it no longer remains

All these tears, both my eyes they will drain

I put you on a pedestal, almost instantly

Who would of thought I’d rebuttal so indignantly

Can’t believe I let you slide so consistently

Praised to my friends, said you were always so good to me

They’re laughing now, they know you’re like the rest

Swore up and down, I swore you were the best

Thought you knew better, you really got me pressed

You’re disrespectful, you make me feel so less

Real smooth, told me everything I wanted to hear

Said I was scared and yet you still chose to come near

Have faith in you is what you said, there’s nothing to fear

Drunk in love off your affection, the worst kind of beer

I adjusted to you and your ways

Even to how you’d disappear and not hit me for days

Confused the fuck out of me, like some kind of maze

So disappointing of you, can’t even look at your face

Suffered in silence, that wasn’t our agreement

I was ignored, often given the silent treatment

Took all my dignity, you found that real convenient

All the pain I felt inside, I kept it in concealment

That shit really fucked with me, I’d go insane

What it did to me mentally, it left a stain

Cried so much, I’d blend in with the rain

Got so drugged up, wanted it to go away

Man I hate you , said I hate you , why’d you do this to me

Knowing everything I been through , why’d you choose me to be

The one you’d pick and drop like nothing , did it so heartlessly

Knowing my heart is so damn big, it’s controlling of me

Never asked for a commitment, more your honesty

Care enough to not deprive me from humanity

Crazy how you switched it up, did it so easily

Should’ve known the first time I caught you lying to me

You see that right there, I never told you

Instead I lied to myself, said I would hold you

Seeked for some comfort, I’d changed my plans for you

You’d come over, and I’d do nothing but adore you

Made me feel low, you’d make me feel intolerable

I wasn’t crazy, I never even made a show

Made me feel bad about voicing my opinion hoe

Knowing shit had turned one sided, you won’t admit it though

I put in all the work , you didn’t have to no more

Mi casa tu casa, your words were the key to my door

Said I would never go through this, no not anymore

Sweep me back up like it was nothing , your easiest chore

Tried to ignore you many times, still couldn’t do that

Don’t know how to play it off, can only keep it a stack

Never cared about your money, I make my own racks

I say I’m done but low key wishing you’d feen to come back

But why the fuck do I want you back anyway

Crying for you while you hit my girl Emily

Don’t care how I feel, you no longer cherish me

Must have forgot who I am, lost your memory

Said you’re in a good place now, that I hold you back

You put the blame on me, what a weak ass attack

Didn’t like the pressure, cried no strings attached

There’s more to it, know that for a fact

I didn’t deserve any of this, I wish

That we could trade places , could treat you like a bitch

Dumb ass me , writing you letters and poems and shit

All about you, bet you don’t even acknowledge it

Can’t believe I’m such a fool for you

Even now, I’m talking shit and I still want you

I’m fucking sick, I need restraints to stay away from you

I’ll break my phone, if that’s what I gotta do

I feel like I can’t even find the words to make you understand

How you’re wrong, I feel you’ll never comprehend

You’re heartless and I’m not, we don’t go hand in hand

Can’t wait to get over you, to meet a real man

Drew you pictures spent hours on them, you’d never reply

By the phone waiting for you , never no other guy

Texting you, wishing that you’d wanna come by

Dumb ass me, knew it was over, and still I’d try

Thank god for writing, it’s so reliving

You’ll touch me again, only when you’re dreaming

Hate the way you are, you’re not longer appealing

Slowly giving up on you, guess it’s a good feeling

Probably got some new girl entertaining you now

Probably met you at the circus, you big ass clown

Won’t be long till that smile turns into a frown

Won’t be long till my frown turns upside down

And yeah I know I’m acting real bitter

I know two wrongs don’t make it right neither

Can’t make this up though, I’m no conceiver

You’ll one day miss me and I won’t deliver

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