Will you tell me that you love me 

That you’ll never leave my side 

Even when I yell I’m leaving

Will you see it in my eyes 

See that I don’t really mean it 

See that I’m just terrified 

I’m afraid you’ll break my heart

And infiltrate me with your lies

Will you give up on me 

Run away when things get tough

Or will you hold me close 

Understand that it’s been rough 

That I carry many scars 

And insecurities 

Wounds that haven’t healed

And traumatic memories 

Will that be okay with you

Will you take me as I am

Will you want me to come closer

Will you grab me by the hand

Will you tell me it’s okay 

Will you wipe away my tears 

Will you cherish my intentions 

Will you take away my fears 

Will you tell me that I’m pretty 

Will you notice what I’m wearing 

Will you grab and kiss my face 

When I’m panicking and swearing 

Will you notice I’m depressed 

Will you truly care

Or will you call me sick

 Would you ever dare 

Will you realize that I’m special 

And all I’m destined to be 

Or will you let my flaws 

Distort your thought of me 

Will you keep all of my secrets 

Will you take them to the grave 

Will you do things genuinely

Or will you throw it in my face

Will you always be affectionate

Will you stroke and play with my hair

Will you tell me that you miss me

Every time that I’m not there

Will you let another woman

Have the chance to laugh at me 

While I’m giving you my heart

Will you be playing me 

Will you kiss me on my neck

And give me butterflies

Will you make my panties wet

As you feel between my thighs

Will you make love to me

Will you make it last

Will you dominate my body

Make me forget about my past

When it’s dark outside

When it’s late at night

Will you hold on to me 

Will you hold on tight

Will you spoil me with followers

Will you take long naps with me

Will you read my love letters

Will you save them for eternity

Will you be the man I dream of

The only man I need

Everything you want, I’ll give you

If you manage to get me 

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