This World Is So Oblivious

This World Is So Oblivious Poem

I remain in the dark with no guidance
I don’t know which way to go
This world is so oblivious
No one will never know

What I’m forced to do
Just to make it through
Wish they were in my shoes
Wish I could break in two

Wish I could love myself
Wish I could heal my pain
Wish I could make me stronger
Wish I could fix my brain

Wish I could find the strength
To deal with all of it
Wish that I could prevent
The ones who worsen it

The ones that I let in
Thinking they’ll be my friend
They use me and abuse me
Abandon me instead

I wanna cry for help
But this world isnt kind
So many lonely thoughts
Exhausting up my mind

I’m running out of energy
I’m falling to the ground
It’s way too much to handle
My life is upside down

My story’s too unique
I’m seeking for resemblance
A map that I can follow
To help me find an entrance

They praise my independence
Impressed by my transcendence
The pressure they put on me
It burns me out it’s endless

Seems I can’t be myself
Like I’m controlled by someone else
The worst feeling ever felt
Biggest fight I’ve ever dealt

Who will I be today
Since I don’t have a say
I’m battling myself
Can’t seem to find my way

They swear I got it easy
Like everything’s so breezy
They’re not here they can’t see me
I’m struggling believe me

I’m drowning in my tears
Fixated off my fears
A heavy atmosphere
Please make it disappear

Can’t take this anymore
I can barely sleep
The nightmares on repeat
Of what they did to me

I’ve been going through it
It’s killing me inside
They ask me how I’m doing
I lie and say I’m fine

I can’t seem to be stable
I’m willing but not able
My staminas disabled
I’m mentally entangled

I’m pushed incredibly
Don’t know why God chose me
I’m trying hope he see’s
I fight persistently

I tried to open up
But they don’t give a fuck
They love to see me stuck
Prefer that I erupt

I’ll never be like the them
I’m real until the end
Pure hearted now and then
My soul they can’t condemn

It’s me against the world
Despite the ugly falls
Can’t walk well then I’ll crawl
My heart can conquer all

I got this I’m just saying
Hate how they pick and choose
Can’t tell no one you’re bruising
It oscillates their views

I wonder all the others
Suffering in silence
Who walk around smiling
Deep down they feel like dying

I know how you feel
You don’t have to conceal
Your dignity they steal
When you’re just being real

You struggle on a daily
You tried to tell them maybe
They called you names like crazy
Stop crying like a baby

Now you think you’re a burden
They don’t care now you’re hurting
Made you feel undeserving
Your head feels like it’s turning

You can’t look them in the eye
You no longer feel alive
Feels so empty as you cry
Try to hid it deep inside

Trust me I understand
I find it so perplexing
I’m here to hold your hand
Don’t fall for their deception

You want to rise above
You want to be set free
Instead of spreading love
It’s animosity
That our society
Sends off to you and me
What happened to the value
Of humanity
The value of uniting
Accepting you and me
I too am overwhelmed
With this hypocrisy

Yet, I must not forget
Through moments of distress
That I’m a special princess
I rise above the rest
I know I’ll be alright
For they watch over me
The moon light and the stars
The only guide I need

The world is so oblivious
It’ll probably always be
I’ll persevere regardless
Don’t need anyone but me

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