Weeping heart: Poem

I feel you on me when I touch my skin
The chills lingering down my spine
Wish I could feel you one more time
Knives puncturing as I realize you’re no longer mine

Am I normal I can’t tell
Going insane off this spell
No one hears me as I yell
For your torturing love I fell

I’m laying helpless on this concrete floor
I’m yelling for you but you just ignore
Used to adore me but not anymore
It’s killing me I feel it in my core

Everywhere I turn you’re there
I can’t escape you like my other pair
Crying to God said this isn’t fair
As he moves on I remain in despair

They said with time it would be better
They lied for time is just a thief
Through the sunshine or the stormy weather
It stole you away from me

It left me on my own
For my own heart to console
This misery’s getting old
Deterioration becoming bold

I will always love you
Despite all of the lies
Despite all of the ache
That I hold deep inside

It hurts but revives me
The precious thought of you
Leave me here to bleed
As long as it’s us two

Let me fantasize
Let me mesmerize
Let me dream away
Get lost deep in your eyes

I’m your sleeping beauty
I don’t want to be awake
Leave me here forever
If this is what it takes

What it takes to sense your touch
Melting me away
Leave me lonely here
I rather be this way

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