I say I’m fine but I’m really not
You no longer care so I won’t tell you
Truth stands I’m not over us
Fight for you, I’m drained, I tried to
I didn’t sign up to be an actor
I never thought I’d be this fake
I never wanted to be artificial
I’m forced to when my love you don’t take
I miss you everyday plus more
Please believe me when I say it
Need you more and more each day
Tug of war for your love I’m defeated
Another battle I couldn’t win
For I’ve been beat by your pride
You’re never wrong that’s how it is
Or maybe the truth is you’re terrified
You’re afraid I could be the one
Afraid I could really love you
No faith you won’t believe in me
You don’t see in you all that I do
I really can’t blame you my love
For the great ones never notice
Your existence alone is so precious
For the impacts you make are so potent
Due to society you’re mislead
If only you could see all that I see
They may see you for who you are today
That’s what matters the most, I disagree
I understand you’ve accustomed to normal
I’m so unique you discredit me
While they see you for all that they think you are
I see you for who I know you’re meant to be
I see you for who I know that you’ll become
They see you for what you display
They see you for who you currently present
I see you for who I know you’ll be someday
Like the Sun, you’re so far yet you shine
The potential in you is so bright
The glow you release is so brilliant
Through the dark you illuminate my sight
If I could take you away it’ll be to space
You and I we’ll go together
By the stars is where we belong
This earth don’t deserve you, you deserve so much better
They don’t know your value my baby, I do
You’re so worthy my love it’s so true
I could die repeatedly and still
I’d find my way back just to be with you
You’re a king I’m a queen
We can conquer the world you and me
We can finance the poor and feed all the hungry
You and I, we can purify the seas
Your attention I wish to retrieve
You don’t see me no more I perceive
Slowly killing me time to reprieve
So much pressure I have to relieve
Wish you well always and forever
A friend in me you’ll always find
I write you this poem so I can record it
In case you ever change your mind
In case you begin to doubt your worth
Read my words so that I can remind
Remind you of the man you’ll become
Of the man I know hides deep inside
For the day you choose to seek me
I’ll be waiting on the brighter side
For one day they’ll be a new empire
Ruled by emperors, you and I
We’ll make the world much better
We’ll heal all and they’ll dignify
Our mothers and fathers, we’ll make them proud
As well as the angels that watch from the sky
I must go now my darling but please
Lift your head up sweet love, don’t cry
Know you’re never alone my handsome
Know I’ll always be right by your side
Don’t forget how worthy you are
I hope for the day you break free and fly
Don’t let anyone turn your skys gray
Any goal that you set you’ll amplify
I’ll move on now but please don’t forget me
Know in me you can always confine
For the day you decide to seek closure
Through these words you can find me each time

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