The Girl I Am: Poem

A girl with good intentionsJust misunderstoodI’ve hustled all my lifeTook myself out the hoodI’m just tryna make itMake a million dollarsSave a million livesTake care of my fatherTake care of my motherNurture all my kidsMotivate my siblingsCut my brothers bidLove all of my peopleDonate a couple stacksFeed the hungry childrenI don’t expect it backFor IContinue reading “The Girl I Am: Poem”

I Used To Pray For The Things That I Have Now !

Am I winner, or am I a loser? That’s the question life throws at me every single day. I’ll tell you right now, hell nah I ain’t a loser, but I’d be lying if I told you I don’t sometimes feel like one, because I sometimes do. I feel like a loser whenever I feelContinue reading “I Used To Pray For The Things That I Have Now !”

Please Give Me My Space : Poem

Please Give Me My Space There’s a very lonesome part of meThis very lone felt and intense energyDeeply instilledBeneath the surface of my mind A powerful dimension that’s insideOne that always makes me cryInvisible to all, impossible to stall ,A thief of my shine I couldn’t tell you where it’s fromImbedded so I cannot runInContinue reading “Please Give Me My Space : Poem”


MY FAVORITE MISTAKE A mysterious demeanorA masterminded dealerA puzzling sweeterA natural born achieverA loner not aloneTrue colors unknownSo much he won’t condoneStays faithful to the codeWise and stubbornMust be the one to governDetermined and freeBelieves in destinyCalculated as can beSeems impossible to readComplicated yet magneticA lover and a headacheHis footsteps can’t forget itWearing a disguiseInsecuritiesContinue reading “MY FAVORITE MISTAKE: POEM (with audio)”