I Can’t Get Over You : Poem

I Can’t Get Over You: Poem

I can’t take this anymore
I can’t get over you
I’m trying but I can’t
No matter what I do

You’re always on my mind
And I want you all the time
I can’t help myself
A mess I have designed

I know that it’s over
Yet I’m still attempting
To get through to you
Our journey has ended

Well that’s how it seems
But I won’t believe
That you’re over me
In denial I’ll be

I know that you don’t love me
Shit, you don’t even want me
I know that if you did
You would be beside me

You would be inside me
You would hit my line
You would hold me close
You wouldn’t put me to the side

But that’s not the case
Our memories you erased
My kisses and my face
I thought I left a trace

It makes me want to cry
How you won’t even try
Sometimes you don’t reply
Don’t want another guy

Why am I so stuck
On who we used to be
I don’t even like you
You’re not the same with me

I deserve much better
I know this but still
I’m holding on to you
Although you make me ill

I’m asking for this pain
Sun’s bright but I choose rain
I don’t want to switch lanes
I’m not myself I’ve changed

It makes me go insane
Don’t know how to behave
I can’t control my rage
I need him like cocaine

I’ve punched all of my walls
I stand but then I fall
His love I can not stall
My strength I can’t recall

Ashamed of myself
Cus I don’t want no one else
Must be under a spell
Can’t break it makes me yell

So hard for him I fell
Grabbed me and then propelled
Me into his world
Made me a happy girl

Now I remain blue
Because I still want you
Don’t know why I still do
I wish I would have knew

That you would be like this
Opposite of a bliss
With your poisonous kiss
I would have dismissed

The occurrence of us two
Cus now I’m shit to you
Know one day I’ll be through
I’ll mark my grand debut

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