Don’t Turn My Fire Out: Poem

Don’t Turn My Fire Out: Poem

I’ve been missing you 

You already know that 

Said you’re coming over 

Yet again you blew that 

Hurts to face the truth

It’s clear that things have changed 

You done switched up on me  

While I remain the same 

I still want you though

Today and everyday 

I’m so into you 

No matter what they say 

Why am I so weak

When it comes to you 

You’re my only one 

While you pick and choose 

Bruises on my heart 

Bruises on my mind 

In bed waiting for you 

While you can’t find the time 

Time for you and I

I’m here on my own  

You’re hanging with your boys 

While I wait by the phone 

It feels like tug a war 

I’m running out of strength 

I should know much better 

Attachment too intense 

I’ve run out of energy 

I’m lifeless on the ground 

Yet the thought of you 

Rises me somehow 

When it comes to you 

I am someone else 

Know what I have to do 

But I keep it in the shelf 

I don’t want to give up 

It’s not even an option 

Patiently inpatient 

It’s a love corruption 

You’re no good for me 

I lose self control

When I hear your name 

I’m a happy soul 

Who’s idea was it 

Because it wasn’t mine 

I’ll never want a lover 

Who always makes me cry 

Yet he makes me shine 

The whole things intertwined 

When it’s just us two 

He makes me feel alive 

When we’re making love 

The tears fall down my eyes 

This time out of passion 

The feelings so Devine 

Like a log on fire 

I’m slowly burning 

Hurts but here I am 

Lighting up for him 

Is it all worth it 

One day I’ll find out 

For now let me burn 

Don’t turn my fire out 

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