For Tonight Only, I Am Your Lady: Poem (Adults Only)

For Tonight Only: Poem

Damn it feels so good

Me on top of you

Riding you so good

Know it’s absolute

Blow you like a flute

Let’s have a dispute

Work it out through sex

Better than your ex

Wrap both of my legs

All around your neck

Your girls acting up

Keep that chick on check

What does she expect

Know I get them checks


Bound to be your next

Love to give you head

Plus leave you on read

But get in my bed

We are not done yet

Spread your legs opened

Sexually spoken

My heart’s been broken

No more emotions

Just my devotion

To your explosion

Inside my mouth

Yelling real loud

Screaming your name

Drive me insane

Want something different

Don’t want the same

Flip me over

I’m your controller

Your girl don’t please you

Well now that’s over

Like a range rover

I am the motor

I’ll take control

I’ll be the donor

Eyes rolling back

I never slack

Tell your girl sorry

She can’t have you back

Your mine for the night

She makes you feel wrong

I make you feel right

I make it feel tight

She makes you feel dark

I make you feel light

Know you want me baby

You don’t have to fight

You hear me moaning

For you my baby

For tonight only

I am your lady

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