One Day: Poem

One Day: Poem

You got me right now it’s true
A sucker for you I’ll admit
Love you but you never come through
One day I’ll no longer permit

I’m no lucky clover
Swear it didn’t start off that way
Forgiving you over and over
Swear that won’t be the case one day

One day I won’t open
One day I’ll be gone
One day I won’t chase you
One day won’t be long

One day I’ll be through
I’ll be through with you
No longer us two
Won’t care what you do

One day I’ll be straight
One day I won’t cry
One day I’ll be late
One day I won’t try

One day I won’t reply
One day I won’t answer
One day I won’t ask why
One day I won’t care to

One day I won’t bleed
One day it won’t hurt
One day I will see
One day I assert

One day I won’t miss you
One day I’ll forget
How much I loved you
That day you’ll regret

Regret how you let me
Slip out of your hands
Won’t longer be yours
I’ll love a new man

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