A mysterious demeanor
A masterminded dealer
A puzzling sweeter
A natural born achiever
A loner not alone
True colors unknown
So much he won’t condone
Stays faithful to the code
Wise and stubborn
Must be the one to govern
Determined and free
Believes in destiny
Calculated as can be
Seems impossible to read
Complicated yet magnetic
A lover and a headache
His footsteps can’t forget it
Wearing a disguise
Insecurities he hides
Alive but not alive
If things aren’t going right
Suppressor of his tears
Of the pain and fears
He’s hid among the years
He hides among the rears
Altruistic and sincere
He’s far or he’s near
Blurry or clear
Beautiful and intelligent
Lovable can be negligent
Gentle with a grasp
Freaky but with class
Fragile like he’s glass
Vulnerable for sure
Though he will never show
Whenever he feels low
He’s always on the go
Embraces quiet time
Meditates his mind
Either he’ll walk or he’ll climb
Depending on his time
To the top and never back
He doesn’t work like that
In and then he’s out
You’ll never hear him shout
Can’t know what he’s about
Inside he won’t allow
He’s special and unique
He loves hisself a freak
Strong yet he can be weak
Soft spoken when he speaks
Impactful but discreet
His heart is hard to meet
He’s always on the road
On his daily mode
Getting rid of loads
The hustle’s all he knows
Ten steps ahead
Lingers in his bed
Looks up ahead
Wondering what’s next
Independent and in charge
Goals and dreams are large
If you try to barge
He will then discharge
Take a different route
Lost him now he’s out
He don’t got the time
Too much on his mind
Doesn’t intertwine
Hisself with the blind
Never out of line
Always looking fine
A reader and a pleaser
A leader and a teaser
Warming like a heater
Icy like a freezer
A popular loner
A multi house owner
They all wanna hang
Be down with his gang
But he’s not like them
Prickly like a stem
He’s cautious within
Can’t easily get in
Can’t easily get him
Can’t help but to admire
But patience is required
If he’s who you desire
Hang on or just retire
You must take him entire
To enter his empire
Seems like a screwed up wire
Acts flat just like a tire
Disappears he’s a flyer
His attention I desire
His love’s hard to acquire
Still I remain close
For I already chose
A beauty of a rose
For him I do the most
I’m yearning for a dose
Why him I’ll never know
Can’t see to let him go
A very sticky case
Unusual but I chase
His presence and his face
His aura I embrace
Ironic situation
Such a rare creation
Irresistible relation
An addictive correlation
A prolonged temptation
An elite combination
Yet a mental invasion
Unsolicited persuasion
I don’t want him then I wan’t him
I move on but I can’t stall him
I care but then I hate him
I don’t need him but I crave him
I got options but I wave them
They want me but I want him
They text me but I text him
Still a gangsta so I diss him
I forget but then I miss him
Doin me but want to do him
Yet he’s very aggravating
Yet for him I’m generating
Steady on him like rotation
My greatest revelation
He’s the only one
That makes me want to run
To him and not away
Despite the empty days
Despite the disconnection
I am still persisting
I am still insisting
Though I’m still resisting
Something keeps me clinging
Psychology’s deceiving
Need him when I can’t see him
He lies but I believe him
He’s gone but I still feel him
Attracted to the mystery
It feels like electricity
The challenge and the trickery
I follow like trajectory
I’m curious and obsessed
I must open and assess
Discover all the rest
A craver for success
A manipulative mess
A satisfying stress
A human game of chess
A soliciting arrest
A passion intellect
A vivid introspect
An ecstasy effect
My favorite mistake yet

*Featured song in audio: Giveon-FAVORITE MISTAKE

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