Please Give Me My Space : Poem

Please Give Me My Space

There’s a very lonesome part of me
This very lone felt and intense energy
Deeply instilled
Beneath the surface of my mind

A powerful dimension that’s inside
One that always makes me cry
Invisible to all, impossible to stall ,
A thief of my shine

I couldn’t tell you where it’s from
Imbedded so I cannot run
In me it stays
I’m so afraid
It’ll never go away

Time heals all but not my mind
There’s something else that I must find
That’ll cure me and unwind
The curses in my mind

It’s like I’m drowning but won’t die
Intoxicated with no high
Placed in a coffin but alive
Surviving but I cannot thrive

I see your message, can’t reply
My phones on silent day and night
Don’t look for me I can’t comply
Unbearable can’t tell you why

Losing hope upon the fear ,
I can’t escape it’s always near ,
It makes me hide and disappear ,
To this depressive atmosphere

I fight but it defeats me
Overpowers and depletes me
I get away until it seeks me
The only one who’ll never leave me

I’m trapped in a maze
Only I can convey
My self to place
Where I can learn to embrace
Me and my burning flames

A blaze that doesn’t fade
I hurt yet they’re amazed
They gaze and they praise
My incredible ways

I don’t know me , can’t console me ,
This is why I prefer lonely
They all wanna hold me closely
Till my poison kills them slowly

Please give me my space
To solve my own case
I’ll return with grace
But at my own pace

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