The Girl I Am: Poem

A girl with good intentions
Just misunderstood
I’ve hustled all my life
Took myself out the hood
I’m just tryna make it
Make a million dollars
Save a million lives
Take care of my father
Take care of my mother
Nurture all my kids
Motivate my siblings
Cut my brothers bid
Love all of my people
Donate a couple stacks
Feed the hungry children
I don’t expect it back
For I am altruistic
I will always give
In size I may be little
But my heart is big
I’ll always forgive
Even if they aren’t sorry
I will always ride
Ride like it’s Ferrari
I’ll always be me
I’ll always get money
I’ll always chase my dreams
Despite who don’t believe
Why they hate on me
I’ll never understand
But I’ll pray for them
Cus that’s the girl I am

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