To the ones juggling work, school, expenses, the maintenance of your mental health, being a mommy, and more–all at the same time, YOU CAN, and YOU WILL do it. Whenever you feel like it’s too much, that’s because it is, but it’s okay because you want more than the ordinary for you and your loves ones and thus, you must go ten times harder! Just remember that you can do this because love conquers all and you love yourself and your loved ones, and they’re counting on you! When you’re feeling super overwhelmed and agitated, first, know that it’s okay to not be okay and then, cry hard if you must, take a nice long shower while playing your favorite music, take a nap, put your phone on silent, breathe, play millionaire motivational videos on youtube, light a candle, and then, get right back to it! When you feel like you are being weak, you are not. You simply set higher expectations for yourself and you’re supposed to, just don’t mistake being tired with being weak or incapable because you’re not. When you feel like you are the only one, know that it isn’t, and that we all feel like this. When you feel like you are the only one that says yes, while the rest of the world says no, realize that’s exactly why you are special. Keep going, never give up, always believe in yourself, forgive and love yourself, be proud of yourself, be a representation of love, of humility, and be known as one who remains kind no matter what. All the love and effort you put into this world, the universe will give back to you in double of the amount. You are way bigger than the picture they frame you to see, and you are significant. Trust that these are words of wisdom, as I speak from personal experience. Have a better day today than yesterday, and stay blessed !

-D ❤

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