I Fall Asleep Thinking Of You


I fall asleep thinking of you

Of everything you do

Every time you’re here

The way you hold me dear

The way you touch me love

You bring me high above

The way you make me feel

I can’t believe your real

The way you talk to me

You make me believe

You make me feel so pretty

You boost my self-esteem

All my imperfections

Embraced by your affection

When you stroke my hair

I light up like a flare

The way you hold me feet

You do it so sweet

When you talk I stare

You’re so beautiful I swear

It’s something that you do

That makes it only you

It’s you or no one else

I’ll stay all by myself

Though it gets so cold

You’ll warm me your hug

I will wait for you

Each time again my love

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