My Heart And My Mind Finally Agree On Something: Poem

I’m turned off by the way you’re unkind and don’t realize
Humility comes along way
A real valuable trait
In a man
So, I just don’t understand
Why I fell for you
When you only care for you
I don’t know what you are anymore
I thought you were different
But you’re an impostor
And I hope you don’t think that your sex game is the link
To the love I share
That it’s the reason I care
Well you’re wrong
And I’ve let you slide for too long
It’s unfortunate my love
I held you high above
I thought I’d never move on
But now it’s clear you’re a con
And I can finally say
I no longer view you the way
I used to before
Because now you are poor
And you can’t afford my love anymore
I hold open the door
I hold my heart at high value
And it will no longer supply you
You think with your in-between
And I was too naïve
To see and I feened
Every time that you left
A new case of neglect
Like what’s next
I shoot you a text
You respond days later
When did I sign a waiver?
When did I give up my rights?
Why do you have to be right?
And I can’t put up a fight
You have no tolerance
Move on I might
Move on I will
Move on I am
You’re not the same man
A waste of my time
Stay off my line
I won’t chase you like crime
And I mean it this time
I won’t even cry
I’m in my prime
And you’re simply no longer
A concern of mine
Too ahead of yourself
Be all that with someone else
I don’t like what you’ve become
I used to praise you and cum
Every time we made love
I mean
Every time that we fucked
I came because the feelings
That instilled in the beginning
When you kept your word
When you weren’t so absurd
Sweet, humble, and consistent
When I couldn’t believe that you existed
That was once a upon a time
New ex-lover of mine
I had faith I must say
That you’d do better one day
And that I could relate
But now it’s too late
You’re different and I’m straight
There’s no debate
You’re not my mate
A measure of your sex alone
To cum I’d need to be stoned
And in a zone
Take the sex away and you’re a case unknown
Without the rest you’re just a tone
In my phone
Just another option I have
For me to bone
But I’m good on my own
And I’m leaving you alone
And the scent of your cologne
That you left in my home
The scent that makes me feel like I need you
It be your own self to deceive you
I had to put this in writing
To realize there’s no reuniting
To realize I don’t even like him
My heart and my mind
Have finally stopped fighting
My heart and my mind
Have finally agreed on something

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