Freestyle ! Anxiety, depression…yeah, yeah

Anxious, depressed and all that: I can’t forget who I am ! I may feel a way I may wanna say somethingBut then anxiety kicks in now I can’t say nothingFast life I’m out I’m always runningTowards my dreams not away unless I’m depressed or somethingThen I’m hindered and it lingers, the bad energy andContinue reading “Freestyle ! Anxiety, depression…yeah, yeah”

Sweetest Hustler Rap Poem: Remain Humble Ya’ll

REMAIN HUMBLE YA’LL They see that I’m not like the rest and they ask me why I tell em because this aint the kind of shit that I go by You know I gotta keep it real I won’t tell a lie That aint how I wanna be remembered when I die If you seenContinue reading “Sweetest Hustler Rap Poem: Remain Humble Ya’ll”

What I wish I could tell my nursing Professors

Sometimes I feel like my professors forgot where they came from. Becoming a nurse is not easy and I feel they forget that. I wish they knew how much of an impact they make on our nursing studies. I wish they knew that I can feel they are bothered by my questions. I wish theyContinue reading “What I wish I could tell my nursing Professors”

Take my love: Poem w/ Audio

take-my-love.wav So you can love meBut I can’t love youI don’t understandYou’re an ambiguous manJust take itMy heartIt tears meApartYou’re deserving of loveBut you deny itAnd shoveWhy is it you fightLove you harderI mightI’m standing here nakedI’m waitingNo fadingI’m yoursI’m for youUnconditionalTooI’ll waitTill you learnTrue loveIt’s your turn