Freestyle ! Anxiety, depression…yeah, yeah

Anxious, depressed and all that: I can’t forget who I am !

I may feel a way I may wanna say something
But then anxiety kicks in now I can’t say nothing
Fast life I’m out I’m always running
Towards my dreams not away unless I’m depressed or something
Then I’m hindered and it lingers, the bad energy and shit
It gets so hard to get out of bed , hard life decides that I’m it
Got me feeling disconnected now I’m throwing a fit
On my own no one knows it gets lonely I’ll admit
I gotta turn off my phone I can’t stand the ring tone
With every move that I make I hear and feel the cracks in my bones
It’s like I know I’m 27 but it feels more like I’m old
Should take it easy on my self with all the weight that I hold
Deprived and non-energized at the time
No matter how hard I try
Sometimes it feels like I might die
Its scary to be honest, but I’m say I’m good, yeah I lie
Well not really, I mean, I guess I really am
The next day arrives and then I’m feeling like the man
It’s like I knew I’d bounce back I can’t forget who I am
I should know better, I shouldn’t bite my own hand
I’m resilient as fuck, I know it’s part of the plan !
A grinder a hustler a real one I am
Anything that I aim for they know I go ham !
But I don’t need validation, they’re approval’s a scam !

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