Sweetest Hustler Rap Poem: Remain Humble Ya’ll


They see that I’m not like the rest and they ask me why

I tell em because this aint the kind of shit that I go by

You know I gotta keep it real I won’t tell a lie

That aint how I wanna be remembered when I die

If you seen the things that I have seen

If you knew the places that I have been

If you knew the pain that I feel

You wouldn’t believe that any of it was real

You see I don’t ever want to live in regret

Never the type to say I can’t, it’s more like, I ain’t there yet

Be ordinary and a follower ? Nah I’m all set

I pray for people that hate to see me winning, I bet

But it’s cool, I ain’t no fool

That’s on them if they want to be cruel

My kids my money my health and school

Is all I care about, to be honest

They’re hooked on drugs I’m hooked on phonics

I move my way they move for others like robotics

My own solutions, no isotonic

They think I’m silly, okay I got it

I’ve been real stressed lately, if we’re being honest

The way they’ve been treating me lately, it’s far from modest

Making me feel stupid and shit, I be feeling the oddest

All good, I’ll keep chasing my dreams as promised

I promised me , I promised God

Yeah they did me dirty I ain’t forgot

They hope I fail, but I hope not

I think they’ve been smoking too much of that midi pot

Life’s always testing me , bringing out the best in me

I’ll always pull through even if it takes the rest of me

They with me or not , either way there ain’t no resting me

I don’t know what they’re thinking, I don’t know why they stressing me

Put some respect on my name, I’ve always kept it the same

This shit is serious to me, this shit ain’t no game

Take all the money, the toys, they can take all the fame

The sweetest hustler you’ll meet, that’s how I’ll always remain

Street smart, book smart, ya’ll know the deal

I know who’s fake and I know who’s real

Grinding hard for all my shit, I will never steal

Endless nights going days without a full course meal

It’s all I good I understand, this it how it goes

Risk it all for my dreams man they’ll never know

I live with shit that still today, I have never told

I ain’t no snitch , I never was, and I’ll never fold

If you rock with me, you’re appreciated, know that for sure

I promise we gone get it, I promise there’s more

Believe in the process , there’s so much in store

One day we gone look back like, ” we aint struggling no more!”

If I love you today, I’ll love you forever

They leave me it’s cool, know that it’s for the better

They’ll never love me the same, it’s all good it’s whatever

My heart and soul and my mind is like no other, can’t measure !

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