I care beyond compare.

My chest feels so heavy, almost like I’ve drowned
Except I’m still alive, yeah I’m feeling it right now
I’m praying for my heart, and I’m praying for my mind
Because I’m being torn apart, again again each time
I have to close my eyes, and think about my daughters
The love I have for them, it holds me like no other
How can I learn to stop, to not love the undeserving
My loves a precious gift, but they treat it like it’s boring
They treat it like it’s hoarding, like I’m asking for too much
I just want someone who cares, but it seems there isn’t such
How to learn to put me first, when my heart remains so selfless
I thought I was something special, but they make me feel relentless
Like I’m all fucked up inside, I feel so unfortunate
Because no matter if I try, I can’t take over it
I care intensively, I tolerate the weight
With everything I do, but it seems they don’t relate
I’m feeling so alone, like I’m from a different breed
I thought I was a lotus, but they treat me like a seed
Like I’m insignificant, how they make me feel so off
The men, my friends, my teachers, they make me feel so lost
Like I’m not right in the head, like I don’t get what they said
And it’s so hard to believe, when you’re the only one who sees
It’s suffocating really, it feels like I can’t breathe
In a corner slowly dying, I resuscitate my heart
All to continue lying, from the truth I’ll depart
Just to continue putting, everyone else first
Just to continue feeling, like my heads about to burst
Just to continue crying, cus it seems I’ll never win
What’s the point of persevering, if I’ll never reach an end
It’s more like depleting, my faith and energy
The more that I believe, is the more they laugh at me
The more that I care, the more they get concerned
Like I’m mentally unstable, like I never seem to learn
Like I’m crazy and exhausting, like I’m too much in the mind
I can’t focus, I’m feeling worthless
Know they’ll never want my kind
Had to say it, I can’t fake it
I get scared and want to run
To a world where there’s more like me
In this world I feel so numb
Somehow I’m still convinced, God chose me to exist
In a world that must be fixed, I’m the one he chose for this
He wants me to follow him, to love and to forgive
To show them how to live, to be kind, to always give
Even when they crucify me, even when they put me down
For some reason I’ve been chosen, to teach the others how

I care beyond compare, and it feels like it’s unfair

But I know that I’m just rare ❤

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