A cold winter love.

You stay switching up like seasons
And you do it without ever giving me a reason
Baby, tell me ?
Is this the completion ?
Of our love story ?
I fucked up
I gave you all the glory
Knowing you’re never sorry
But I am
And I’ll tell you why
I’m so passionate I cry
Throughout the night on my knees
I pray God please
I put you before myself
Protect him God
Do strengthen up his health
God give him all the wealth
As long as he’s good then I’m great God
I’ve dealt
With it all for him
Stay fly I stay slim
He’s bipolar like Kanye
I stay patient like Kim
I give him his space
Though I yearn for his face
In my presence
I need to feel his essence
But still
No ill will
Never, ever, ever
I just crave us together
I may love him forever
Maybe I really do
Love to choose
The shit I feel I already knew
That keeps me blue
By my side
I don’t know why
But it’s when I feel the most alive
Call it toxic
Fuck it
Check mate
Box it
Without him I’m hypoxic
Fucked up in the brain
Is this love?
That’s what I call it
He’s a piece of me
That I wish I didn’t need
Though I love to always keep
To call WE
I can never understand
But felt Zedd when she said
If our love’s tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love’s insanity, why are you my gravity ?
I don’t know but I’ll leave it there
Scratch all that
I’m just drunk right now
I don’t even really care
I’m just saying
Shit isn’t fair
I try to live a life without him
But I can barely bare
A cold winter love here

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