An intimate rationality.

Know you been working so hard
You’re exhausted
It’s so cold outside
You’re frosted
Come inside for it’s time
For my baby to relax his mind
I take off your clothes and walk you to the shower
I wash your hair before between you I devour
It doesn’t even last an hour
I know you’re tired
But this yo superpower
You pick me up
You’re about to fuck me up
Straight to the bed
You take charge, instead
You give me that amazing head
As you spread my legs with pride
As you proceed and come inside
As you talk to me with your pretty little eyes
The best part, though
I can’t even lie
You appreciate me
And I can tell
You love it
You can sense it in my yell
The way for you I always propel
The way for you so hard I fell
The way I touch you so happily
Driven by the reality
Of you and me
I appreciate you
And you appreciate me
Call it an intimate rationality..

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