I’ll leave it up to destiny. POEM

Your communication skills contradict what it be
The rich quality
Of our energy
Of our time together
Know you want this forever
And I swear I can tell
I get insecure but your touch rings a bell
It’s transmits your feelings
It gives all the reason
To keep believing
To know that you care
Though the proof ain’t always there
Though I know it isn’t fair
I know that it’s risky
But I know that you miss me
I feel it when you kiss me
It climbs up my spine
All your passion it flows into me like it’s mine
I know that’s why you hide
You’re protecting your heart
You’ve been resisting from the start
But you can never stay apart
You think it’s too good to be true
Out of all the men that I could choose I still always want you
You think it’s a lie
Sent you a text no reply
But it’s cool take your time
I’ll let you be
I’ll let you come to me
I’ll leave it up to destiny

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