For all the times I made you feel insignificant.

I feed into all your insecurities, all your fears, and all your worries. I often doubt you. I tell you I don’t like you. I’m so hard on you. I blame you for everything. I tell you so many hurtful things, and you believe them, and you forget how special and worthy you truly are.Continue reading “For all the times I made you feel insignificant.”

A butterfly poem, by me, for me đź¦‹

Sweet little caterpillarYou’re now a butterflyThe way you fly so highBrings pure joy to my eyesI’m just so mesmerizedYou were just a little thingNow you’re soaring pretty wingsWhile the world is witnessingYou’re no longer afraidSo much love so far you’ve gaveYou shine bright all night and dayWhat a beautiful butterfly you have became -I’m inContinue reading “A butterfly poem, by me, for me đź¦‹”