For all the times I made you feel insignificant.

I feed into all your insecurities, all your fears, and all your worries. I often doubt you. I tell you I don’t like you. I’m so hard on you. I blame you for everything. I tell you so many hurtful things, and you believe them, and you forget how special and worthy you truly are. I make you feel undesirable and unloveable, when you’re in fact, the total opposite.

I may not tell you, and I may not show it, but there are so many things I love about you.

I love how you cherish everything that you have. Big or small, you’re thankful for it. You’re truly grateful and appreciate all that’s given to you, and that’s beautiful.

I love how you accept and embrace your heart. You know it’s forgiving, accepting, and loving with many who wouldn’t reciprocate the same to you. You know that and yet, you’re proud to be that way. Your heart is untamable, and that’s admirable. It’s pure.

I love how ambitious and passionate you are. It’s clear for all to see. When you love or want something as bad as you do, there’s no stopping you. No matter who, what, how, or when, you’ll remain committed, you’ll work the hardest, and you’ll make it happen. It’s so inspiring.

I love how you notice everyone. At work, or outside of work, you show love to everyone. You say hi to all the housekeepers, the janitors, the cooks, and the volunteers. Good morning to your neighbors, and thank you so much to the mail man. You smile at every child you see, and you love to make them laugh. You melt anytime you see a baby, and you tell their parents how cute they are.

I love how you endlessly see the good in people. Even when they show to be otherwise, you can never stigmatize them. You can overlook pass their flaws and their mistakes, and still believe in them.

I love how selfless you are. You put your pain to the side, in order to help someone else cope with theirs.

I love how much of a sweet loving mother you are. The way you love your children is beautiful, and they think so, also. They love you just as much, and you may not believe it, but they admire you. You are their greatest inspiration. They’re proud of you.

I love how diligent you are when it comes to school. You give your all, and they notice.

I love how much you love your job. It’s rare to hear people say they do, while you announce it on a daily.

I love how excited you get over basketball games. You won’t miss them for anything in the world. They ignite, intrigue, and captivate you more than anything else in the universe. I’d never guess a tiny girl like you would be so in love with sports.

I love that you hold the door for others, often compliment others, how willing you are to help others, how thoughtful, caring, altruistic, and sincere you are with others.

I love the way you’re learning to take accountability for your actions. You admit when you’re wrong, and you learn from it. You acknowledge your wrong doings, and you make adjustments.

You’re so kindhearted, you’re so funny, you’re so cool, you’re loyal, you’re generous, you’re so loving, warming, charming, and comforting.

You’re radiating, you’re beautiful, you’re intelligent, you’re magnetic, and you’re a joy.

You’re a hard worker.

You’re wise.

You’re special.

A mindset like yours is one in which all dreams can come true, one in which anything is possible.

You don’t live in castle, but you’re a queen. You embrace the good and the bad. You understand grace. You walk with humility. You’re the epitome of a woman who’s beautiful inside and out, and you don’t even know it. You won’t believe it, and that makes you even more beautiful.

I’m truly so sorry for all the horrible things I’ve said to you. For the negative thoughts I’ve instilled in your head. For not loving you when you needed to be loved the most, and for not being there for you, when you needed me to be there the most, when I was all you really needed.

I know this doesn’t make up for all the pain I’ve caused, and I know this won’t heal your pretty little big heart, but know that I love you, I’m proud of you, I admire you, I cherish you, I believe in you, and I’ll never your side. We’ll have our ups and downs, and I’ll disappoint you many more times, but you’ll always come first. I promise.

I promise to do better.


A better version of you.

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