She’ll be known as a legend.

Believe that good things end, for better things to begin. When one door closes, another one opens. We make suffering more intense when we resist a reality we don’t want to accept, but I’ve learned that the very moment we choose to just let it come, we are then letting it pass, and then go… pain can literally only make you stronger, if you let it. In the end, it isn’t about the weight we carry, it’s about the way we carry it.. eventually, it don’t feel heavy anymore… you build a tolerance and even more, can’t nothing touch you. I just got offered my first job as a registered nurse. And I’m still in my last semester of nursing school. It was during my first clinical and I couldn’t understand why they were so impressed and attracted to me. I don’t think so highly about myself. But that’s life talking to me. Telling me to do, think highly about myself. To love myself. I’m just so blessed and so grateful. It isn’t a regular offer, it’s one in which allows me to start a brand new life. Around a brand new atmosphere. New environment, new faces. One in which I can be the best nurse ever, prepared for anything and everything..& I’m going for it. I’m going for a new beginning.

This is only a portion of my story.. I have so much more to do, to accomplish, to achieve, to work for.. I have so much more to share, for our future and the next generation especially. Like my children. I care to be different. I’m willing to do what 99% are not. I care to inspire and be remembered this way. Because I care to make a difference. I choose to self sacrifice for the rest of the world. By symbolizing selflessness, humanitarian, altruism and compassion…I believe it’s my purpose in life. To create a better world for the less fortunate. Everything around me tells me so. I’m not sure how but I know I’ll figure it out. For now I’ll start by caring to inspire strong attributes such as leadership, ambition, positivity, and independence. Love and humility. Ambition, endurance, kindness… I care, for all of us. I have a very strong desire to achieve many great things in the world. And the things and people and world around me, are part of my influence. The world, the people, they can be so mean sometimes, and we all walk around acting untouchable, but I know we all feel it. I think it’s okay to make yourself vulnerable. Being soft doesn’t mean you’re being weak. If anything, the complete opposite. You see if they don’t accept you, trust that the universe will, if you just continue to regardless if they don’t love you back. Don’t let the world make you bitter. Remain soft and that the universe will gift you. I promise. You won’t even understand why such amazing things happen to you, why the lights shine bright upon you, out of all people, and in such a clouded and gray space. It’s like, how did I get seen, found, and chosen ? All I do is hide in the dark. It’ll feel unreal, but it’s not. It’s real, for a real one, for a real dream come true, because you are real deserving. You are not your mistakes and you are not your mind. You are your heart. And I believe if your heart is beautiful, you’re really beautiful, and so is your destiny. Believe it too and see everything around you flourish. Things get better and better, you’ll look better and better..your view becomes so sharp. A view associated with peace and serenity…

I’ve been so heart broken, so many times. I’ve fallen down so many times. But imma always get back up and stand even taller. Imma always move in love, regardless. Because I’m that pure and because I’m that strong. I’m that able and that willing. I’m that beautiful. I commit to being grateful for all that I have now in my life. I recognize all my blessings and give thanks for it all. I trust that abundance and prosperity will continue to flow in my life. So I tell em, try me today…

If you have a pure and kind heart, with a genuine intense desire to achieve greatness in it, if you can’t hurt a fly on the wall.. believe that it’s time you break out of your shell. Go hard. And tell em to try you too. Shine with me. Moreover, replace any negative thoughts about lack, and trust that abundance and prosperity will flow into your life, too.

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