Ambitious Personal Poem

Above everything I’m ambitious
A fixed trait I have, you’ll see
The more they say I can’t
The more I disagree
I’ve been through this before
I learned way long ago
When I first became a mom
And they all called me a hoe
They said my life was over
I was only fifteen
In for a surprise
The greatest glory ever seen
They tried to break me down
All the inhumanity
“One day I’ll make it big”
Like a joke, they laughed at me
Said I’ll never make it far
It’s impossible they said
For a screwed up girl like me
I should never be ahead
Why not and says who?
Doesn’t matter anyway
For I’ll one day be a nurse
I’ll take care of you one day
They said I’m not too smart
No way will they believe
Most students have no kids
And it’s still notoriously
Hard to get accepted
Said it’s just not meant for me
Nor the dreams that I aspire
Come true, not typically
“Just focus on your child”
They tried to master me
Said that’s my only purpose
So wrong, I guarantee
My dream will soon come true
It’ll turn reality
For I know for me it’s destined
And I crave it desperately
It don’t matter how I feel
Just the grades they want to see
Time to go , I turn around
I don’t need them to believe
I know that I’ll get accepted
I can feel it in my bones
Studying all day and night
For hours all alone
I put away my fears
And my insecurities
I know this is for me
A nurse I’m meant to be
Friends they disappeared
Commitments never kept
They all gave up on me
Up and out my life, they left
Realized what I was in for
But still I’m not afraid
I want this more than anything
I’ll prove it God, I prayed
However hard it gets
I’ll fight until the end
For I want to prove my daughters
I can be a champion
They will know that they can be
Anything they want to be
If they ever doubt themselves
They can quickly think of me
Remember mommy said she’ll do it?
While they all said that I’m not?
Said I wasn’t smart enough
I was accepted my first shot
Told you mommy has your back
I’ll persevere no matter what
I know I’m always up and down
Sometimes happy sometimes not
I know some days I play with you
And other days you don’t see me
But know I miss you every time
And that I’m doing this for we
I know you see me fall
Cry and scream that I give up
My emotions beat me up
But I’ll always get back up

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