Ambitious Personal Poem

Above everything I’m ambitiousA fixed trait I have, you’ll seeThe more they say I can’tThe more I disagreeI’ve been through this beforeI learned way long agoWhen I first became a momAnd they all called me a hoeThey said my life was overI was only fifteenIn for a surpriseThe greatest glory ever seenThey tried to breakContinue reading “Ambitious Personal Poem”

She’ll be known as a legend.

Believe that good things end, for better things to begin. When one door closes, another one opens. We make suffering more intense when we resist a reality we don’t want to accept, but I’ve learned that the very moment we choose to just let it come, we are then letting it pass, and then go…Continue reading “She’ll be known as a legend.”

For all the times I made you feel insignificant.

I feed into all your insecurities, all your fears, and all your worries. I often doubt you. I tell you I don’t like you. I’m so hard on you. I blame you for everything. I tell you so many hurtful things, and you believe them, and you forget how special and worthy you truly are.Continue reading “For all the times I made you feel insignificant.”

A butterfly poem, by me, for me 🦋

Sweet little caterpillarYou’re now a butterflyThe way you fly so highBrings pure joy to my eyesI’m just so mesmerizedYou were just a little thingNow you’re soaring pretty wingsWhile the world is witnessingYou’re no longer afraidSo much love so far you’ve gaveYou shine bright all night and dayWhat a beautiful butterfly you have became -I’m inContinue reading “A butterfly poem, by me, for me 🦋”

I’ll leave it up to destiny. POEM

Your communication skills contradict what it beThe rich qualityOf our energyOf our time togetherKnow you want this foreverAnd I swear I can tellI get insecure but your touch rings a bellIt’s transmits your feelingsIt gives all the reasonTo keep believingTo know that you careThough the proof ain’t always thereThough I know it isn’t fairI knowContinue reading “I’ll leave it up to destiny. POEM”