I Always Take You Back: Poem

Immune to all the painThat’s why I let you inEach time you disappearYou find me once againYou’re something like an illnessI have no antibodiesCan never fight you offI let you have bodyWhenever you want itYou don’t gotta to askThe things you do for loveFor you I switch up fastMy pretty little heartIt lies under myContinue reading “I Always Take You Back: Poem”

The Girl I Am: Poem

A girl with good intentionsJust misunderstoodI’ve hustled all my lifeTook myself out the hoodI’m just tryna make itMake a million dollarsSave a million livesTake care of my fatherTake care of my motherNurture all my kidsMotivate my siblingsCut my brothers bidLove all of my peopleDonate a couple stacksFeed the hungry childrenI don’t expect it backFor IContinue reading “The Girl I Am: Poem”

I Used To Pray For The Things That I Have Now !

Am I winner, or am I a loser? That’s the question life throws at me every single day. I’ll tell you right now, hell nah I ain’t a loser, but I’d be lying if I told you I don’t sometimes feel like one, because I sometimes do. I feel like a loser whenever I feelContinue reading “I Used To Pray For The Things That I Have Now !”