It’s Complicated: Poem

Content but unsatisfiedGrateful but it’s not enoughHappy but I’m sadBrave but afraidBlessed but unfortunateIn love but brokenNot lonely but lonelyAccepting but in denialFocused but confusedFocused but defusedWilling and ableAlso unstableAware but refuseI pick then I chooseFulfilled but emptyResisting but readyI got it but heavyAgain so unsteadyAll this is what I amWill you hold me byContinue reading “It’s Complicated: Poem”

For Tonight Only, I Am Your Lady: Poem (Adults Only)

For Tonight Only: Poem Damn it feels so good Me on top of you Riding you so good Know it’s absolute Blow you like a flute Let’s have a dispute Work it out through sex Better than your ex Wrap both of my legs All around your neck Your girls acting up Keep that chickContinue reading “For Tonight Only, I Am Your Lady: Poem (Adults Only)”

I Can’t Get Over You : Poem

I Can’t Get Over You: Poem I can’t take this anymoreI can’t get over youI’m trying but I can’tNo matter what I do You’re always on my mindAnd I want you all the timeI can’t help myselfA mess I have designed I know that it’s overYet I’m still attemptingTo get through to youOur journey hasContinue reading “I Can’t Get Over You : Poem”