GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)

*Warning* DEEP. Written by me. Wrote this poem, on spot, during a mental break down! Good self-therapy session. Like all of my poems, and posts, I start off strong, raw, broken, confused, crying, hurt, lost, but towards the end, I feel better. Towards the end, I’m more positive, and uplifted, even if I didn’t getContinue reading “GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)”

20 Minute Freestyle Heartbreak Poem

Can you get out of my head ? I feel like I’m being haunted I’m all drained out , just please get out Loving you has become so exhausting Why can’t you just let me be ? Get the thought of your hands off my body Stop taking my mornings from me it’s not fairContinue reading “20 Minute Freestyle Heartbreak Poem”