TO ALL DAD’S– yes, you reading, you too. ALL DAD’S MUST READ.  YES, YOU ALSO, KEEP READING. The old me would have said, “To all the real dad’s”, but not anymore. That was the immature me. You are, all real dad’s. I’ve grown and realized that no matter what, we have to keep pushing. WeContinue reading “FROM A “BABYMAMMA”, DADDY”S LITTLE GIRL, and A MOTHER. (ALL dad’s please read)”

My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)

I’ve become obsessed with writing, with writing poems… and I’ve noticed it’s much easier to write them out , rather than typing them.. when I type , I start feeling like I’m writing a paper for school and I find myself trying to find what fits , but when I use pencil and paper ,Continue reading “My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)”

20 Minute Freestyle Heartbreak Poem

Can you get out of my head ? I feel like I’m being haunted I’m all drained out , just please get out Loving you has become so exhausting Why can’t you just let me be ? Get the thought of your hands off my body Stop taking my mornings from me it’s not fairContinue reading “20 Minute Freestyle Heartbreak Poem”

This is why I have fallen in love with you

I’m surprised by how strongly I’m influenced by you, but I see now why our souls decided to cross paths. I’m not saying we’re meant to be, although I’d love that, but there’s definitely reasons for us, I know. We’re connected, and I feel it, and it’s not just in my head. I know ourContinue reading “This is why I have fallen in love with you”