On Days Like This: Sorry I Can’t Pick Up Today

On days like thisI don’t existI close my eyesI don’t persistI don’t fightI just feelFor I know nowDepression’s realI surrenderI know the drillI lay my headLet out my tearsI hate to feelSo out of placeI don’t get howIn my own spaceIt all feels wrongMy sad prolongsCan’t run away Just go alongI know it’s trueI’ll beContinue reading “On Days Like This: Sorry I Can’t Pick Up Today”

Please Give Me My Space : Poem

Please Give Me My Space There’s a very lonesome part of meThis very lone felt and intense energyDeeply instilledBeneath the surface of my mind A powerful dimension that’s insideOne that always makes me cryInvisible to all, impossible to stall ,A thief of my shine I couldn’t tell you where it’s fromImbedded so I cannot runInContinue reading “Please Give Me My Space : Poem”

My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)

I’ve become obsessed with writing, with writing poems… and I’ve noticed it’s much easier to write them out , rather than typing them.. when I type , I start feeling like I’m writing a paper for school and I find myself trying to find what fits , but when I use pencil and paper ,Continue reading “My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)”

GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)

*Warning* DEEP. Written by me. Wrote this poem, on spot, during a mental break down! Good self-therapy session. Like all of my poems, and posts, I start off strong, raw, broken, confused, crying, hurt, lost, but towards the end, I feel better. Towards the end, I’m more positive, and uplifted, even if I didn’t getContinue reading “GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)”

NO TITLE: Poem (hand written)

WARNING!! THIS POEM IS DEEP. Based on Depression/Mental Illness. Written by me, on spot, during a break down to cope with my episode, and it worked! Literally felt pain in my chest, and an over flow of tears pouring down my cheeks but ultimately, I feel better!! Great self-therapy session. I always begin to feelContinue reading “NO TITLE: Poem (hand written)”


I’ve been going through some changes. Changes that have helped me develop into the woman that I am today. My level of growth, maturity, wisdom, awareness, perception and understanding of people and situations, my level of confidence and patience, have all increased, and for that I’m grateful. I’m grateful because above anything, this development hasContinue reading “REMEMBER ME THIS WAY”