The not really, but kind of beautiful consequences of a teenage drug dealer(w/audio)

I was 16 when I got arrested and did time for carrying an eight ball of crack cocaine. Yes…..,me, Denisse. I was a drug dealer. The subsequent sections of this post will emphasize my experiences with the training school, the criminal system, the Department of Children Youth and Families, the Irie Transitional Program, and anotherContinue reading “The not really, but kind of beautiful consequences of a teenage drug dealer(w/audio)”

My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)

I’ve become obsessed with writing, with writing poems… and I’ve noticed it’s much easier to write them out , rather than typing them.. when I type , I start feeling like I’m writing a paper for school and I find myself trying to find what fits , but when I use pencil and paper ,Continue reading “My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)”

GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)

*Warning* DEEP. Written by me. Wrote this poem, on spot, during a mental break down! Good self-therapy session. Like all of my poems, and posts, I start off strong, raw, broken, confused, crying, hurt, lost, but towards the end, I feel better. Towards the end, I’m more positive, and uplifted, even if I didn’t getContinue reading “GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)”

NO TITLE: Poem (hand written)

WARNING!! THIS POEM IS DEEP. Based on Depression/Mental Illness. Written by me, on spot, during a break down to cope with my episode, and it worked! Literally felt pain in my chest, and an over flow of tears pouring down my cheeks but ultimately, I feel better!! Great self-therapy session. I always begin to feelContinue reading “NO TITLE: Poem (hand written)”


Can you imagine being nine years old, playing with barbies in your bed room until suddenly , some random woman rushes you out of your own house like the world is about to end? I can, because I was that nine year old little girl. She wasn’t my mom. I have never seen her. IContinue reading “HOW MOMS BID WITH THE FEDS KIND OF MESSED ME UP”