Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)

*FOR ADULTS ONLY* SEXUAL SCORPIO Show me how deep you can go And feel my water overflow Know I’m a sexual Scorpio Can be your wife also your hoe She’s a freak but I’m freakier Make me scream, I’m a screamer Make it hurt, no reliever Go head love, go in deeper Hope you canContinue reading “Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)”

You’re such a case: Poem (w/ audio)

YOU’RE SUCH A CASE You don’t deserve me but yet It’s you I can’t forget My heart is pure I don’t regret Although my love you do neglect Loving you, I don’t discreet Although to you I’m just a fleet Although you hurt me, leave me beat Without your touch I’m incomplete No matter whatContinue reading “You’re such a case: Poem (w/ audio)”

Went looking through our photo album: Poem (w/audio)

Went looking through our photo album Worst thing I could have done All this time I’ve had composure Right now seems I have none One look is all it took, I couldn’t stop I tried to file a mental objection Thought I was over him, now I forgot Overpowered , no way I could rejectContinue reading “Went looking through our photo album: Poem (w/audio)”

My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)

I’ve become obsessed with writing, with writing poems… and I’ve noticed it’s much easier to write them out , rather than typing them.. when I type , I start feeling like I’m writing a paper for school and I find myself trying to find what fits , but when I use pencil and paper ,Continue reading “My Angels Coming To The Rescue: Poem (written)”

GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)

*Warning* DEEP. Written by me. Wrote this poem, on spot, during a mental break down! Good self-therapy session. Like all of my poems, and posts, I start off strong, raw, broken, confused, crying, hurt, lost, but towards the end, I feel better. Towards the end, I’m more positive, and uplifted, even if I didn’t getContinue reading “GOODBYE MY ALMOST LOVER: Poem (hand written)”