You Bring Me To Ecstasy: Poem (Adults Only)

You bring me to ecstasy Come live inside of me With you I wanna be Until eternity The way you’re touching me The way you’re holding me Can’t get a hold of me Come in you’re owning me Come in and stay Swear I love the pain Go hard don’t refrain I’ll never complain ClimaxingContinue reading “You Bring Me To Ecstasy: Poem (Adults Only)”

For Tonight Only, I Am Your Lady: Poem (Adults Only)

For Tonight Only: Poem Damn it feels so good Me on top of you Riding you so good Know it’s absolute Blow you like a flute Let’s have a dispute Work it out through sex Better than your ex Wrap both of my legs All around your neck Your girls acting up Keep that chickContinue reading “For Tonight Only, I Am Your Lady: Poem (Adults Only)”

Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)

*FOR ADULTS ONLY* SEXUAL SCORPIO Show me how deep you can go And feel my water overflow Know I’m a sexual Scorpio Can be your wife also your hoe She’s a freak but I’m freakier Make me scream, I’m a screamer Make it hurt, no reliever Go head love, go in deeper Hope you canContinue reading “Sexual Scorpio: Poem(RATED R/ADULTS ONLY)”